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ActiveScore was built in partnership with Landlords, Developers, Architects and Transport for London. Cycling is growing at an unprecedented rate around the world. As a result, it is no longer enough for Landlords and Developers to simply provide cycle parking. Tenants are expecting more as an increasing number of people choose active modes of transport to commute into work.

ActiveScore assesses, certifies and enhances active travel facilities in buildings around the world. ActiveScore measures three key aspects of your building’s active travel provision – infrastructure, occupier engagement and future readiness. An ActiveScore rating clearly communicates your building’s future-proofed credentials to prospective tenants, partners and occupiers.

ActiveScore Certification creates the transparency and standards that help landlords and leasing agents know what they have and lets prospective tenants know what they’ll get. Until now landlords, tenants and agents have had little access to reliable and detailed information about buildings’ active travel facilities. From an entry-level Certified rating to a world-class Platinum 100, the ActiveScore system is designed to encourage amenity upgrades where possible.

Active Score Certification

Using a scientific system developed with industry experts, our certification exists to future-proof assets and set benchmarks for active travel standards. ActiveScore certification can directly contribute to your building’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy.

Our qualified team of ActiveScore APs were the first three in England! We are proud to be championing this certification which can add value to your project and promote healthier travel modes and more environmentally friendly cities.

The standard was launched in 2021 and there are already more than 250 projects worldwide which are ActiveScore certified. To see a range of cases studies please see here:


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