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ActiveScore™ aligns with WELL™ Certification

We are delighted to share that there is now a recognised alignment between the ActiveScore™ certification and the IWBI’s WELL™ standard.

WELL and ActiveScore certifications both support well-being by enhancing buildings and inspiring sustainability strategies. The creation of this alignment means both certifications can work together to help strengthen ambitious building projects worldwide. Complementary guidance from ActiveScore and the IWBI will ultimately result in better buildings. 

Since building standards contain criteria affecting multiple assessments, alignments like this allow building owners to streamline certification and earn points towards ratings simultaneously.

ActiveScore and the IWBI are committed to improving buildings for the people who use them, and we’re looking forward to the collaborative journey ahead. 

We have qualified ActiveScore and WELL Accredited Professionals who are committed to promoting active travel and enhancing the health and well-being of building occupants. Contact our team today if you have any queries relating to these certifications.

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