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Volunteering Day

Recently, some of our team members dedicated the day to assist in tackling waste pollution along the River Thames in Richmond and clearing planting beds in the nursery garden at Silent Valley Gate Lodge. Together, we took action to make a tangible difference, reducing waste along the riverbanks and creating space for new plants. Despite some rain, we persevered and accomplished our goals.

Thames21 emphasises the importance of river clean-ups, highlighting the positive impact on the environment, wildlife, and people’s well-being. While significant improvements have been made in the Thames’ biodiversity since its “biologically dead” declaration in 1957, plastic pollution remains a critical issue, with concerns about microplastics entering the food chain and harming aquatic species.

Therefore, our efforts to clean up the environment and plant more trees play a vital role in protecting ecosystems and the food chain. We extend a massive thank you to St. Peter’s Church in West Molesey for generously lending us their litter picking equipment which significantly enhanced our cleanup efforts.

Moving forward, we are excited about completing similar events and urge others to join us in leaving a positive impact on our communities and the planet.

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