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The first 5.0 Stars NABERS UK Energy rating for the UK

Watkins Payne has achieved Uk's first NABERS UK Energy for Offices Whole Building Rating of 5.0 Stars for its office building in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey

This achievement is a major milestone for Watkins Payne, underscoring their unwavering commitment to sustainability and excellence in building energy efficiency, both in design and operation.

“It’s a testament to our dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency. I couldn’t be prouder of our team’s hard work and commitment, not just on our projects but also within the building we work in daily,” says Robert Marshall, Principal Building Performance Engineer at Watkins Payne.

The NABERS UK Star Rating system is an internationally recognised benchmark for energy efficiency performance in operation for commercial office buildings.

Watkins Payne aimed to demonstrate that excellent energy performance can be achieved in any workplace, including our own unremarkable 1960s suburban office building, by implementing thoughtful measures such as meticulous control of our air source heat pump heating and cooling system, prioritising natural ventilation by opening windows instead of relying solely on mechanical cooling, and ensuring that unoccupied rooms had temperature setpoints adjusted accordingly. Watkins Payne was able to optimise energy usage without compromising comfort.

Furthermore, Watkins Payne has embraced energy-efficient lighting solutions by installing LED lighting throughout their premises, complemented by occupancy detection and daylight dimming controls to minimise unnecessary energy consumption.

Looking ahead, Watkins Payne is:

  1. Exploring opportunities for fine-tuning the existing building HVAC system
  2. Optimising energy systems
  3. Investing in fabric upgrading with new windows providing enhanced insulation properties
  4. Actively pursuing the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels to harness renewable energy sources and further reduce grid electricity consumption

Learn more about Watkins Payne’s Net Zero Carbon journey here or how Watkins Payne can help with NABERS UK Ratings, Design for Performance and Sustainability initiatives, please visit our website or contact Robert Marshall at

Certificate N19976 confirms the 5.0 Star rating will be recorded on the new NABERS Administrator’s website once the Administrator is appointed.

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