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BCO Guide 2019 Summary

The new British Council for Offices Guide to specification  Best practice for offices 2019 has just been launched in both paper and digital format.

Since the previous version in 2014 there have been a number of changes and updates reflecting current developments in working practices, technological advancement and research studies.

There is an increased focus around the five key drivers of change that will have an impact on the design of buildings being delivered to the market during the 2020’s and beyond that are:

  • Focus on people, experience and wellbeing
  • Drive for creativity and productivity
  • Use of technology to enable the workplace
  • Adaptability for the long term
  • Economic value and return on investment

New sections have been included on Health and Wellbeing, Intelligent Building Technology and Information Management as they have a major influence on how the buildings are designed and operated going forward.

Future articles will highlight changes and key issues compared to the 2014 version.