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NABERS UK: One of the fifteen

We are proud to announce that we are one of fifteen industry-leading organisations, who have committed to being a supporter of NABERS UK, the energy efficiency programme for office buildings that are administered by BRE.

We are working in collaboration with the NABERS UK team to contribute to helping new commercial office developments or significant refurbishments in the UK to set a base-building operational energy performance target, verifying its achievement, and driving improvements.

We are actively promoting NABERS UK to our clients and providing technical input to help shape the scheme’s future.

Farah Syed, NABERS UK Product Manager at BRE said “We are delighted to introduce our NABERS UK Supporters to industry and to have their advocacy and support of NABERS UK, which will be key to helping shape the future uptake and evolution of NABERS UK products. We very much look forward to working together to bring about improvements to the energy performance of offices”.

The BRE CEO, Gillian Charlesworth speaks to CN Plus about how the industry must become more adaptable to change: Read the full article here: