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Supporting News – LETI Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide

There is currently a climate emergency caused by greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere and we emit huge amounts of carbon dioxide by heating and using hot water in our homes. What may not be as obvious is that our existing homes are by far the worst polluters in the housing sector. Of all the operational emissions that come from buildings in the UK, 69% come from energy use in the domestic stock which alone is responsible for 18% of our annual national emissions. But retrofit isn’t just about reducing carbon emissions. A best practice retrofit should reduce fuel bills and also improve health and wellbeing. Retrofit at scale would also generate significant employment opportunities and stimulate the economy.

We are so pleased to share the launch of the Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide and will incorporate these processes within our planning.

‘ LETI’s Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide shows how we can retrofit our homes to make them fit for the future and support the UK’s Net Zero targets. We define energy use targets for existing homes and provide practical guidance on how to achieve them. The guide is useful for architects, engineers, Local Authorities, social landlords, energy professionals, contractors, and clients looking for guidance about best practice retrofit. This was an immense cross-industry collaboration led by key organisations including Passivhaus Trust, ACAN, AECB, CIBSE, RIBA, and UKGBC.’

To find out more and to download the paper for free, please visit: